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How Probiotic Cleaning Products Eliminate Unpleasant Odours

Keeping odours under control can be a challenge – whether it’s stale sweat in your gym, communal smells in your office, offensive smells in the washroom – or animal smells in your veterinary surgery.

And just a hint of questionable odour can subconsciously affect customer perceptions. It can make your facilities and buildings appear unclean and operations appear unprofessional, even when they aren’t. 

But you can change that very easily…

By simply switching to plant-based cleaning products packed with the natural odour-eliminating power of friendly bacteria called probiotics.

Because these helpful probiotics do not just mask odours; they remove the root causes. And they do this without any chemicals and without polluting your indoor air. They are also vegan, safe and naturally-sourced from plants.

The Problem with Chemical Air Fresheners

A major cause of unpleasant odours is bacteria linked to organic elements of the decomposition process. These bacteria can grow on surfaces all around you. They don’t all smell terrible; but many do. They break down organic contamination and release compounds that have an unpleasant smell.

But a great-smelling room can be misleading. It doesn’t always mean clean and it doesn’t always mean safe. Especially if an air freshener, scented candle or cleaning products with chemical deodorisers are covering up the smell. You could be breathing in a cocktail of chemicals that are polluting your indoor air and doing you more harm than good. Some people even have a nasty reaction such as a headache or wheezing.

And as the chemicals have only masked – not removed – the root cause of the odour, the smell will soon return. Along with any potentially harmful bacteria that may have been causing it. Which is why it is essential to eliminate the root causes of these bad odours to prevent the spread of bacterial infections.

How probiotic cleaning products eliminate odours naturally

In contrast, our Provilan probiotic cleaning products and Odour Remover sprays remove odours in a safe, mechanical and non-polluting way:

    1. Upon application, a natural ingredient (commercial name Polyfix O Sorb) immediately neutralises the bad smell.
    1. A natural non-chemical aroma, based on organic extracts such as orange and basil, then gives an immediate feeling of freshness.

  3. Meanwhile, the helpful probiotic bacteria encapsulate and decompose the molecule that is releasing the unpleasant odour. They break down the whole
      molecule as a natural food source.

    1. Unlike ‘bad’ bacteria, probiotic bacteria do not release compounds with an unpleasant smell when decomposing organic contamination. The gases they produce are non-odorous.
    1. This process takes around 5 to 15 minutes to take full effect and eliminate the root cause of the unpleasant odour. Timing depends on the type of surface and the room temperature.
    1. The helpful bacteria also create a natural competition with the harmful bacteria. They compete for space and other food sources such as organic material, prebiotics, proteins and minerals. This natural competition is well-studied; it reduces the numbers of harmful bacteria and prevents them – and the accompanying odour – from returning.
    1. Unlike chemical cleaners and masking agents, the probiotics continue to work effectively at a deep microbial level between applications. This increases efficiency and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odours, keeping your indoor spaces odour-free for longer. 

  8. Probiotic-based microbial cleaning products also contribute to the circular economy. The probiotics continue to work in the waste water, safely cleaning
      the inside the drains and the pipes and water treatment plants.

All of our Provilan probiotic cleaning product ranges work in this natural and sustainable way. There are three ranges, which include floor, surface and sanitary cleaners and Odour Remover sprays.  Each range is specifically designed to effectively clean different environments:

In addition, LUCAA+ Pet Odour Remover spray is specifically for animals and their bedding area, especially cats and dogs.

This leap forward in cleaning solutions is the newer and greener way to eliminate unpleasant odours and to clean. Contact us today and find out more.