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How Probiotic Floor Cleaning Improves Hygiene Between Cleans

When 80% of floor dirt is tracked into buildings on the soles of our shoes – how do you improve floor hygiene between cleans? (Source: 3M)

Heavy usage and footfall can make it hard to keep floors sparkling for long, even when they are cleaned regularly and diligently.  Especially in busy buildings with heavy usage and footfall such as offices, GP surgeries, public buildings and gyms.

Worse still, this ‘dirt’ is not just mud; it has an unhealthy mix of infection-causing bacteria and allergy-causing dust mite faeces thrown in too. Which can quickly make you believe that the whole building is dirty… (and might make you feel a little bit poorly too).

The good ‘floor cleaning news’ though is that this is where our microbial floor cleaning products really help.

They contain naturally sourced probiotic ‘good’ bacteria that clean your floors in a safe, mechanical way. They inhibit the harmful bacteria that cause common bacterial infections – including E. coli and Staphylococcus. And they reduce the bio-allergens such as dust mite faeces, fungal spores and pollen that trigger uncomfortable reactions.

And they keep on cleaning in between cleans!

This creates an increasingly healthier microbial environment (called a healthy microbiome) that keeps your floors more hygienic and more protective.

Choose the floor cleaner specifically designed for your environment:

EVAA+ Commercial & Residential Green Floor Cleaner – for offices, other workplaces and homes. 

DENAA+ Healthcare Floor Cleaner – for medical environments at even higher risk of microbial invasion – including GP surgeries, dentists, vets and beauty clinics.

DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness Floor Cleaner – for  fitness facilities including gyms, training rooms, sports facilities and therapy rooms.

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