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Have You Tried Probiotics For Dog Skin Allergies? WOW!

You probably know about probiotics for digestion, but have you heard about probiotics for dog skin?

Probiotics are beneficial ‘good’ bacteria that when applied correctly outnumber and outcompete ‘bad’ bacteria to restore a healthy microbiome.

The power of probiotics can be harnessed in so many ways and one of these is allergy sprays.

LUCAAA+ Probiotic Dog Skin Allergy Spray is a breakthrough pet care product that significantly improves itchy and flaky dog skin. This is because canine atopic allergies are often caused by environmental and seasonal allergens. As a result, many dogs are constantly surrounded by the allergens that trigger their symptoms. These include dust mites, pollen, trees, flea bites, mould, grass and chemical cleaning products.

The spray works because the good bacteria in the dog allergy spray consume the allergens that trigger symptoms as a natural food source. The good bacteria also outcompete and replace the bad bacteria on your dog’s infected skin. This not only eliminates the source of the allergic reaction, but also reduces itchiness and tenderness by making your dog less likely to scratch and cause further damage.

The helpful probiotics protect your dog from red skin, rashes, crusts and pustules (small pus-filled spots) and helps increase recovery from bacterial skin infections and topical dermatitis.

Treating Dog Skin Allergies

Whether we’re talking about atopic dermatitis or a superficial bacterial infection like pyoderma, skin allergies are a terrible thing for your dog to have. They cause relentless itching, biting, nipping and agitation of the skin, which can lead to serious infections that require oral antibiotics and special shampoos.

Dog skin allergies can have the following symptoms:

  • Sores
  • Dry skin
  • Rashes
  • Lumps
  • Redness
  • Dandruff
  • Bumps
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive smell

If your dog has any of these symptoms or is itching more than normal over an extended period, you should seek veterinary advice.

Historically, your vet may have recommended antihistamines, antibiotics and antifungals… but now more vets than ever are recommending a more natural approach using probiotics.

A Probiotic Breakthrough

Another way to treat your dog’s skin problems and allergies is a holistic approach that uses probiotic pet care products to restore a healthy skin microbiome.

LUCAAA+ Probiotic Dog Skin Allergy Spray was recently featured on Raw Vet Medics (time stamp 45.18) as a new way to treat skin infections. The unanimous verdict was it’s an amazing product that veterinary practices are using in the field.

You can use LUCAAA+ Probiotic Dog Skin Allergy Spray to relieve itching caused by environmental and food allergies and atopic dermatitis. If your dog is prone to breakouts of itchy skin this product could change their life!

LUCAAA+ Probiotic Dog Skin Allergy Spray is vegan, plant-based, eco-friendly and chemical-free. There is nothing in the spray that will inflame or make your dog’s itching worse. Just apply twice daily for the first few days and then reduce to one, then reduce as required to relieve itching.

For best results, combine with LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo. This shampoo thoroughly cleans your dog’s skin and coat and leaves behind millions of ‘good’ probiotic bacteria. This improves the condition of your dog’s skin and coat. It also significantly reduces doggy smells and helps to keep your dog smelling fresher for longer.

These LUCAA+ products don’t just soothe the affected skin, they help to prevent the triggers that cause itchiness in the first place. Read more about probiotic allergy solutions for your dog here.

And discover our New Dog Skin Allergy Remedy Pack, which includes pet safe anti-allergy cleaning products to reduce chemical exposure and itchy skin.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Call 01268 544530 or email today. And remember to always contact your vet if in doubt or if symptoms persist.

Happy walkies!