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Hand Washing & Good Cleaning is the Best Way to Prevent Infections

Good hygiene measures  – hand washing and cleaning – are the best protection against infections. In light of the current Coronavirus situation, Probiotic Group (manufacturer of our Provilan product ranges)  has recalled the importance of good cleaning as well as hygiene techniques to adopt (published March 28th 2020):


Washing your hands regularly is the best way to reduce the spread of germs
In fact, the hands are said to be 80% responsible for the transmission of microbes. These microbes can easily transport unwanted bacteria by touching contaminated objects and surfaces. 

However, it is necessary to differentiate between soap and disinfectant
Probiotic Group’s flagship product, DENAA + Hand Soap is a soap.  Catherine Nannan, Scientific Director of Probiotic Group, explains the difference between the two: 

“The objective of a hand soap is to clean up the organic dirt on the skin. In Probiotic Group’s products, this cleaning is achieved by the synergy between probiotics and natural and environmentally-friendly molecules active in cleaning. 

Bacteria are capable of secreting enzymes, which participate in the degradation of organic molecules in combination with conventional molecules. The advantage of this cleaning from two origins is its effectiveness both on the surface and in difficult-to-access spaces (especially under the nails). The bacteria have also been carefully selected for their ability to re-balance the cutaneous microflora. When the skin is cleansed of these organic molecules, the probiotics will remain on the skin, thus preventing colonisation of the space by other potentially pathogenic bacteria.

In comparison, hydro-alcoholic gel has an inhibitory action on microbes (bacteria and viruses in particular), but leaves the organic dirt on the skin intact. The initially sterile space does not remain so for a long time because the various microbes present in the environment will quickly colonize this newly free space rich in organic matter that can serve as food for these new bacteria (potentially pathogenic).”

DENAA + Hand Soap is an eco-friendly soap, composed of micro-organisms and ingredients of natural origin which respects the balance of the skin. It allows you to maintain optimal hygiene while protecting your hands from external aggressors. Active microorganisms provide long-term protection and eliminate organic matter that can cause infections. It is the ideal solution for gentle and effective cleaning. There is no need to use harmful ingredients to be healthy!

But do not neglect cleaning surfaces of living and working spaces
Germs can also spread on surfaces – and for this, DENAA+ Surface Cleaner is your best ally. This ecological solution can be applied to all water-resistant surfaces.  It deep cleans whilst eliminating the molecules responsible for unpleasant odours. Its formula enriched with micro-organisms which optimise the local flora, while leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness.

“In the current context linked to the Coronavirus, adequate prevention is essential, in particular in critical places such as pharmacies. Probiotic Group’s products meet this need because of their ability to thoroughly cleanse and re-balance micro-flora (both on the skin and on all surfaces). However, there is evidence that healthy and varied microbiota can fight infections and diseases more effectively. “

Good hygiene is therefore essential to fight against infections – it is important to adopt these recommended measures. 

DENAA + Hand Soap and DENAA+ Surface Cleaner are there to support you, not only during this pandemic period, but throughout the year.

Use together with DENAA+ Floor Cleaner to assist  the whole environment.

“Always keep in mind that good cleaning is better than bad disinfection.” 

Marie Bertucci, a microbiology researcher from Probiotic Group, summarised the (general) research literature demonstrating the action of bacteria on the spread of viruses:  Probiotic Effects on Viral Infections

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