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Eco-Friendly, Commercial Multi-Purpose Cleaner at an Affordable Price

A Sustainable General Purpose Commercial Cleaner, with No Harmful Chemicals

If you are looking for a smooth, affordable transition from chemicals to eco-friendly commercial cleaning products… your answer is here!

DENAA+ Probiotic Commercial Universal Cleaner Concentrate is the easy way to reduce your chemical use. It gives you enhanced environmentally friendly cleaning in a cost effective way.

This responsible and versatile alternative to harsh chemical cleaning agents is ideal for busy commercial environments including offices, schools, hairdressers, concert venues, public buildings and shops. And, unlike harsh chemicals, it works in a way that is better for your clients, your building occupants, your equipment and the environment.

Keeps it Simple – One Product with Many Uses

This one product covers most of your sustainable commercial cleaning requirements in one easy solution. You can use it to safely and effectively tackle dirt, grease and grime on all general hard surfaces. These include washrooms, windows and mirrors, tiles, outdoor furniture, concrete and even your car.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

DENAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner respects the health of people and the environment. It improves hygiene levels without risking the health of your cleaning team, clients or building occupants.

Not only is it PETA certified as vegan and cruelty-free, it is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, pollutants and carcinogens. This protects cleaning operatives because they do not risk long term ill health associated with chemicals cleaning products. This is important, because cleaning with harmful chemicals risks employee health.

Refillable, Eco-Friendly Cleaning at an Affordable Price

DENAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner is highly concentrated for cost effectiveness and sustainability:

– One litre makes 100 litres after dilution i.e. equivalent to 200 x 500ml trigger spray refills at a cost of only 8p each (9.5p incl. VAT).

– Five litres makes 500 litres after dilution i.e. equivalent to 1000 x 500ml trigger spray refills at a cost of only 6p each (7.2p incl. VAT).

Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning Products at an Affordable Price

DENAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner Concentrate
Available in one and 5 litre concentrates – make up in a bucket or in the empty trigger spray

Added Probiotics for Additional, Sustainable Benefits

‘Probiotic’ means there is a special ingredient for significant extra benefits: high quality, ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

These helpful probiotics are one of nature’s greatest assets. They work diligently at a microbial level and clean more than visible dirt. They reach deep into hidden nooks and crannies, safely breaking down and consuming organic waste and dirt.

The ‘good’ bacteria also have a natural, preventative effect against bacterial infections. They simply out compete harmful bacteria that cause disease until no further pathogenic activity takes place. This reduces the transmission of common bacterial infections including E.coli, communal MRSA and C. difficile.

Restores a Healthier Microflora Balance

What is more, the helpful probiotics actively restore a healthy microbiome (natural balance) to your commercial environment. And a healthy, balanced microbiome – whether in your office, school or shop – naturally supports immunity and promotes better health.

The helpful probiotics also stay on surfaces and keep working for up to three days after application. This gives longer lasting results.

Effective Against the Coronavirus

Like all detergents, this naturally sourced eco-detergent is effective against the coronavirus (COVID-19) and other common viruses and bacteria. This means you can use this product in place of harmful chemicals that damage the environment. The action of cleaning combined with soap surfactants breaks apart the virus fat membrane. The helpful probiotics then safely consume the broken-down virus as a natural food source.

Read the Coronavirus News Posts to find out more.


DENAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner is allergy-friendly, non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin. It is free from harmful chemicals, which reduces symptoms related to chemical cleaning product exposure, including asthma.

The added helpful probiotics safely consume bio-allergens that cause reactions – including pollen, dust mite faeces, mould and animal dander. This provides additional benefits for skin allergy and asthma sufferers.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Furthermore, the helpful probiotics don’t just mask unpleasant smells such as stale sweat and pet odour; they remove the root causes. And they do this naturally, without artificial fragrances or air fresheners. Read more in our News Posts: How probiotic products eliminate unpleasant odours.

In this way, the probiotics improve indoor air quality for the user and the building occupants.

Cleans the Waste Water

All ingredients are quickly biodegradable. And unlike hazardous chemicals, probiotics benefit – rather than damage – the environment after use. They are safe to be discarded down the drain and continue to clean inside pipework and improve waste water quality. Read more in our News Posts How probiotics are eco-friendly.

For more info on how our probiotic, eco-friendly commercial cleaning products work and the science behind their effectiveness, watch our recent the webinar Developments in Microbiology in the Cleaning Industry Webinar. Our Provilan sustainable cleaning products are based on years of microbiology research and development. It’s why they work so well!

The webinar also explains how – unlike harsh chemicals – DENAA+ Universal works in a safe and mechanical way. This means that cleaning with DENAA+ Universal does not create superbugs or cause antimicrobial resistance, which helps to protect the effectiveness of antibiotics. Find out more here: How Probiotic Cleaning Products Work.

  • Helps protect cleaning operatives from ill-health caused by cleaning chemicals.
  • Multiple uses including hard surfaces, sanitary areas, windows, outdoor furniture, aluminium and plastics etc.
  • Active ingredients, biodegradable and vegan.
  • Non-mutative probiotics; doesn’t create superbugs.
  • Supplied in recyclable containers made using ocean recycled plastics.
  • SGS and EPA approved (Euro Class 1/Group 1).

This eco-friendly commercial cleaning products on the market integrates well with DENAA+ Probiotic Floor Cleaner Concentrate, DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover and the rest of the probiotic commercial cleaning range (includes Probiotic Hand Soap).


Simply refill a DENAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner 500ml trigger spray bottle (empty bottles available for purchase): Shake the concentrate bottle before use. Fill the clean, empty spray bottle with fresh, hand warm tap water. Add 5ml of concentrate. Follow dosing instructions exactly. Close the bottle and shake. Spray lightly onto the surface and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth. Spray directly into inaccessible areas – the natural capillary action of the water combined with the probiotic movement can reach areas that are manually inaccessible.

After use, store the refilled bottle out of sunlight (especially if using see through bottles) and between 10 – 30o. Use within 3 months to maintain optimum effectiveness of the probiotics.

Alternatively: Add 100ml of DENAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner Concentrate to 1 litre of fresh, hand warm tap water (1 cap = 10 ml). Use concentrate within 6 months of opening.