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DENAA+ Air Optimiser Indexed A+ Very Low Air Pollution Risk

DENAA + Air Optimiser Spray has easily achieved an A+ rating – the highest available – from the stringent independent testing label ‘Indoor Air Controlled’. DENAA + Air Optimiser Spray is a simple to use and highly effective preventative spray that reduces uncomfortable allergy symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing and itchy eyes. It is packed with the natural cleaning power of plant-based, ‘good’ probiotic bacteria. These helpful and completely safe probiotics gently work at a deep microbiological level to restore a healthy and natural microbial balance.

They strengthen natural resistance to bio-allergens whilst also significantly reducing the environmental bio-allergens that trigger these reactions. These include dust mite faeces, pollen, animal dander and mould.

The results showed that DENAA + Air Optimiser Spray:
    • Has a very low impact on health and very low emissions in indoor air.
    • Meets all Indoor Air Controlled standards and recommendations in full.
    • Contains no carcinogenic molecules or allergens.
DENAA+ Air Optimiser Spray contains the highest concentration of probiotic bacteria in the Ingenious Probiotics range.  This means that the result extrapolates out to the rest of the DENAA+ Commercial, EVAA+ Residential , DENAA+ Healthcare and DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness microbial cleaning ranges, because the formula is less concentrated in the other products. This result is especially important as cleaning operatives using traditional cleaning products have been shown to be 58% more likely to suffer lung cancer than their office-based colleagues. Read the full DENAA+ Air Optimiser Spray Indoor Air Controlled A+ Index Report. Probiotic Group News (manufacturer of Ingenious Probiotics) – 7th October 2019: The air we breathe is fundamental to life, and around 20kg of air passes through our airways every day.  Although the authorities continually measure air quality, activities of daily living lead to the continual production of certain polluting substances.  Studies show that there are more than 500 toxic pollutants in indoor air, some of which are carcinogenic. In addition, almost half of all buildings contain four carcinogens. This air contamination has many negative consequences for our health: it affects mucous membranes and respiratory airways; it leads to headaches, vertigo, nausea, itching, asthma, cough, bronchitis, rhinitis, nervous system disorder, sleep disorder, cancer – and more… The Impact is Even More Important for the Health of Children Household cleaning products are one of the most significant sources of indoor air pollution. Probiotic Group believe it is essential to make consumers aware of this type of pollution toxicity and offer alternatives to harmful products. Probiotic Group already offer natural and ecological alternatives to cleaning products, but found it essential to push its analysis beyond the microbial action.  As our homes and buildings are becoming increasingly polluted, the company made the decision to prove the non-toxicity of its products in the air. They wanted to address the safety of its products in the indoor air.  The company therefore recently provided their products for testing to the Belgian company ‘Indoor Air Controlled’. ‘Indoor Air Controlled’ is the first international label to show clearly which products are best in terms of indoor air quality.  The label incorporates more than 119 recommendations and controlled regulations.  Every product is tested and assigned a pollution index from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions).  This index represents the toxicity risk from inhalation of the pollutants detected. The Probiotic Group Solution The DENAA + Air Optimiser Spray was analysed and evaluated by ‘Indoor Air Controlled’ to prove its safety in the air. The product was rated A+.  This was a very satisfactory result as it is the best attainable rating and means that the risk of inhalation toxicity that the product emits is very low.  The results showed that DENAA + Air Optimiser Spray:
    • Has a very low impact on health: very low emissions in indoor air.
    • Meets all standards and recommendations in full.
    • Does not exceed any limits for carcinogens and teratogens.
Breathing is a vital and constant need. However, we are continually confronted with air pollution, both inside and outside. Breathing contaminated air can have a huge impact on our health, contributing to tens of thousands of early deaths per year in the UK alone.  Although there is no place to breathe pure air, consumers and producers need to work together in a combined effort: Consumers should purchase products that are certified non-toxic; and producers must provide consumers with harmless, clearly labelled products. Probiotic Group is eager to obtain scientifically recognised labels, in order to meet the needs of its customers and continually improve its products. The A+ ‘Indoor Air Controlled’ label once again allows the company to stand out and prove that its products are harmless and durable. It gives users clear and transparent information when choosing their products. Contact us to find out more.