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Before/After Photos – Natural Eco De-Scaler Removing Limescale

Limescale build up is an absolute pain, especially in areas with hard water.  Whether at home, or in the office/at work… essentially, anywhere there is running water, there will eventually be a level of limescale built up. But de-scalers commonly available from common supermarkets often come with a warning such as… 

DANGER – All purpose De-scaler causes skin irritation, causes serious eye damage” – and more. 

It’s because they’re constructed using harsh chemicals, as that’s an easy way to mass produce and get quick results. 

But as you know, our Ingenious mission is to keep the UK healthy… so all our products are entirely natural, and completely safe. Although this one is unusual as it doesn’t contain probiotics!

EVAA+ De-Scaler is 100% eco-friendly, vegan and naturally sourced from natural acids found in citrus fruits. It has a lovely, natural lemon aroma and contains absolutely no harsh chemicals, toxins, carcinogens or pollutants.

Read more about it and buy online here

Alternatively, if you’d like to talk about buying in larger quantities – just contact us today.

Take a look at the below before/after photos of bath taps, fridge water dispenser and shower screen to see just how well this cleans:

We recommend using EVAA+ De-Scaler alongside EVAA+ Probiotic Sanitary Cleaner, so you also reap the benefits of the ‘good’ probiotic bacteria.

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