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Create Health-Promoting Workplaces with Probiotic Cleaning

The DENAA+ Commercial probiotic cleaning range creates healthier working environments that are clean at a deep microbial level. 

Sick days are falling (from 7.2 days in 1993 to 4.1 in 2017), but productivity is falling too:  Output per hour worked fell by 0.2% in the first three months of 2019, meaning UK productivity contracted for the third consecutive quarter.  Concerns over the reasons for this lost productivity has led to better understanding of the link between productivity and health and well-being in the workplace.  Combining preventative measures that preserve well-being with a health-promoting work environment increases motivation and productivity.  And this ultimately increases profitability.

Cleanliness has always been a cornerstone of effective facilities management. But now, DENAA+ Commercial Probiotic Cleaning Products gives you a safer, more effective and responsible alternative to traditional, synthetic and chemical cleaning agents.  The range is packed with the cleansing power of ‘good’ probiotic bacteria. These helpful probiotics are completely safe and are naturally-sourced from plants.  They work in in a natural, mechanical way to inhibit disease-causing ‘bad’ bacteria and reduce bio-allergens, bio-hazards, odours and mould. 

Each product is specifically designed to naturally create a health-promoting and more protective environment at a microscopic level. They also deliver a longer lasting clean. This protective measure preserves the well-being of the employees and helps raise their productivity. 

The benefit to Facilities Managers is that you can provide natural cleaning products that create an increasingly healthier work space.  You will also safeguard the health of your cleaning teams. This is essential as reports show a dangerous link between long term use of chemical cleaning agents and serious illness. The DENAA+ Commercial Probiotic Cleaning range is used in the normal way and gives FM’s better cleaning results:
    • Keeps working after other products stop. The helpful probiotics use the natural, mechanical processes of bio-competition and bio-augmentation to outnumber unfriendly bacteria and reduce their ability to return to the cleaned area. This mechanical action has longer lasting effects and can keep working effectively for several days after cleaning stops.
    • Completely safe for cleaning operatives. A ten-year study found that full time cleaning operatives using conventional cleaners (excluding smokers) were 58% more likely to develop lung cancer compared with office workers. DENAA+ safeguards your cleaning teams from chemical-related ill health.
    • Sustainable, plant-based and non-polluting. Ingredients are naturally sourced, chemical-free and plant based. All products are vegan and certified animal cruelty-free. Containers are made from recycled and recyclable plastic.
    • Reduces antimicrobial resistance. This growing global crisis is caused partly by traditional cleaning methods. DENAA+ probiotic-based cleaning does not fuel the antimicrobial resistance that is driving up drug resistant and hospital acquired infections; the  mechanical way of working actually reduces resistance.
Explore the range: DENAA+ Commercial Probiotic Cleaning Products To find out more about how DENAA+ probiotic-based cleaning can help you create a health-promoting work environment, contact us today on +44 1268 544530 or email