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How Probiotic Cleaning Products Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The three Ingenious ranges of Provilan probiotic cleaning products are specifically designed to create healthier indoor spaces in different environments:
  • Each range is packed with the natural cleaning power of completely safe, ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, that are sourced from plants. This leap forward in cleaning solutions is the newer, greener and cleaner way to clean. The helpful probiotics work in a safe, mechanical way, are chemical-free and do not pollute indoor air. In fact, they create a healthier and more protective indoor environment with every use.
How do probiotic cleaning products improve indoor air quality? There are a few ways in which our probiotic cleaning products help to improve the quality of the air in their given environment. – They reduce bacterial infections as well as antimicrobial resistance. – They reduce bio-hazards and bio-allergens including mould, pollen and dust mite faeces.  They eliminate (not just mask) odours – as well as removing dirt. – They are sustainable, vegan and animal cruelty-free. – They are completely safe for long term use by cleaning operatives. – They continue to work between applications, which gives better cleaning results. The ranges include floor, surface and sanitary cleaners, hand soap, treatment bed and table cleaners and wet leisure cleaners. There are even sprays to reduce allergies and prevent unpleasant odours! Each technology in each product means they improve air quality and create healthier indoor spaces, with better air quality and fewer harmful bacteria, bio-hazards and bio-allergens. This provides is a safer and more effective alternative to traditional, synthetic and chemical cleaning agents. Contact us today to find out more.