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Probiotic (mcrobial) cleaning creates healthier indoor spaces with better air quality and fewer harmful bacteria, bio-hazards and bio-allergens.

15 January 2020

Keeping a gym clean and safe from bacterial infections can be a huge challenge – but switching to microbial cleaning products will help.

23 December 2019

Ever go to the gym and wonder what has joined you for your work out? The Bacillus and the E. coli… the bacteria in stale and smelly sweat…?

20 December 2019

Probiotic cleaning products are safer, more effective and more responsible than traditional chemical cleaning agents.

10 December 2019

BESA is promoting the need for ‘safe indoor havens’ – how do you change your indoor air from silently toxic and health damaging to clean and safe?

20 November 2019

When 80% of floor dirt is tracked into buildings on the soles of our shoes – probiotic cleaning improves floor hygiene between cleans.

13 November 2019