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Our Story | How we started

Probiotic Health
Cleaning and animal care products that are healthier for you, your animals and the environment.

The Ingenious story originally began in the world of air conditioning. Our flagship product eliminated problematic draughts, provided unprecedented thermal comfort and cleaned the air of viruses, bacteria and pollution. We won awards, but it wasn’t enough. The world was changing and the rise of drug resistant infections was becoming a pressing concern. Bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi were beginning to resist drugs that used to work – and once treatable infections were becoming dangerous again. We had a growing awareness of healthcare acquired infection (HAIs) horror stories – the friend’s husband who had a routine operation and died of MRSA; the friend whose knee operation led to drug resistant E. coli; a need to try multiple antibiotics before one took effect… 

Every single year, 25,000 Europeans are dying because of antimicrobial resistance; 30,000 women around the world are dying preventable deaths during childbirth; more than 200,000 new born babies and children are dying from infections that do not respond to available drugs.  It is very, very scary. 

And without direct action on a massive scale, things will only get worse.  In 2016, 490,000 people developed multi-resistant TB.  Drug resistance is making it harder to treat Malaria and HIV. The success of major surgery and cancer chemotherapy – something one in three of us is likely to need – will become compromised. 

If we don’t change our attitudes antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will become an unbeatable threat.  It is likely to kill 10 million people every year by 2050 – more than cancer and diabetes combined. 

Creating a Healthier a World for the Next Generation

In Luxembourg, there was a company who shared our vision for a healthier world. This company was the Probiotic Group. Their story began with Martin Schoonbroodt, a child who contracted leukopenia. He spent years in and out of hospital, often in quarantine, needing continual antibiotics and white blood cell transfusions to keep him well. Aged seven, his body finally began generating white blood cells and he achieved full remission aged thirteen.

Nowadays, Martin is fit and well, but his illness left a legacy: a dangerous resistance to antibiotics. If he becomes ill with a bacterial infection, antibiotics might not help him.

His remarkable story provides the background to Martin co-founding Probiotic Group, a company who dedicate their work to finding safe and natural solutions for others just like Martin. With a team of industry leading scientists, they use the power of helpful bacteria called probiotics to develop a comprehensive and adaptive range of care and cleaning products that create a healthy and balanced microscopic environment, or microbiome.

Limitless Application

As one of Europe’s leading experts in their field, Probiotic Group are at the forefront of the battle against the ever-evolving dangers that resistant infections – and impairment of our natural eco-system – pose to human and animal health. Our partnership is testimony to our joint belief that we can create a healthier, safer and cleaner world. By combining our technologies, and our beliefs, we know that people, animals and the environment can enjoy a better quality of life.

The Ingenious team are delighted to be a key distributor for the complete Provilan probiotic range within the UK and international markets. Together we can help create a world where resistant microorganisms pose a lesser threat.

These helpful probiotics are versatile as well as powerful. They effectively clean and reduce infections and allergens in healthcare facilities as well as your home and office. They provide animal, fish and equine care and reduce the need for antibiotics. They clean polluted water and land. They can even be distributed into rooms through air dispensers and into buildings through air conditioning, heating duct work.

Adding our high grade air purification improves indoor air quality and hygiene even more by removing bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19), toxic pollutants and dust and plastic particulates.

Do You Share Our Concerns?

In our new post Covid-19 world we all have a responsibility to do things differently – and quickly. Time is not on our side. If we don’t change our attitudes, the World Health Organisation believe that by 2050 ten million lives could be claimed by drug resistant infections every year.  And what happens if the antibiotics stop working completely?  What if the Coronavirus mutates and comes back stronger? And what damage are cleaning chemicals and pollutants doing to our bodies, our animals and our environment?

If you share our concerns, get in touch and let us help.  The sooner we act, the lesser the effects will be. We are actively looking for ambassadors who share our vision of a cleaner, healthier, safer and more sustainable future. Get in touch today by calling +44 1268 544530 or email today. Let’s make it happen. Together.