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A Vet's Recommendation of Provilan Probiotic Animal Care Products

A vet describes the benefits of switching to LUCAA+ Probiotic Animal Care Products and DENAA+ Healthcare cleaning preparations at his busy veterinary practice. Written by Mr Richard Doyle, Director of The Wylie Veterinary Centre in Essex:

‘At our practice (The Wylie Veterinary Centre we have started using a range of probiotic veterinary and cleaning preparations with encouraging results.

These cases include infected cat and dog bite wounds, multi-resistant S. pseudintermedius / Haemolytic Strep ear infection, atopic cases, intertrigo, lick granuloma and halitosis secondary to dental disease.

At our Wellness Centre, we also use the cleaning products (hand soap, floor cleaner, odour eliminator, surface cleaner – and shampoo in our grooming parlour for selected cases).

How the Products Work

The Probiotic Animal Care Products contain 3 non-mutable, commensal Bacillus spp and work on the principle of pathogen inhibition via 3 postulated mechanisms:

  1. Competitive exclusion,
  2. Quorum sensing and Quorum cleansing mechanisms,
  3. Production of bacteriocins and/or enzymes affecting sporulation of certain bacteria such as clostridium spp

These species also digest organic material such as house dust mite faeces, skin flakes, sebum, pollens, spores, cerumen etc. They negate the need for microbiome-damaging antibiotic and antiseptic treatment and potentially offer us an answer to the global issues of antimicrobial resistance.

This is unlikely to be a panacea for managing all pathogens but may represent a sea change in our approach to the significant challenge we face daily in our profession, the medical profession and beyond.’

Author: Richard Doyle, Director, Wylie Veterinary Centre. Originally posted on Raw Feeding Veterinary Society Opinion Page, March 2020.

There are three Provilan Probiotic Animal Care Products for healthcare, cleaning, grooming and hygiene products:

LUCAA+ Pet for all companion animals

LUCAA+ Equine for horses

ANNAA+ Farming for cattle, pig, sheep and poultry farming and aquaculture

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